The 2017 TWTS Leadership Retreat was a phenomenal success!  Retreat participants hailed from more than 15 different countries.  Students from the University of Arkansas, the University of Texas-Dallas and other international students and interested individuals gathered to interact with, and receive from, corporate professionals, highly qualified teaching professors, while networking and getting to know their peers from around the world.  The 2017 TWTS Leadership Retreat was a unique three day retreat that was rich in content and career development training all conducted in a pleasant and enjoyable live/learn environment.

The first session presentation by Ms. Elaine Kung, an AT&T Executive, was definitely one of the highlights of the TWTS Leadership Retreat.  Students and mentors gathered in groups and practiced the skills related to successful Career Development and investigated several ways to understand one's gifts of personality and how those gifts strengthen the functions of a high performing team.  Many students reported they were deeply impacted by the positive and uplifting insights they received.  
Consider joining us for TWTS in the fall of 2017 and the Retreat in 2018.  If you are interested in helping to start a TWTS program on your campus please contact us at!