2018 Sunshine International Program
Hong Kong

"The city hunt was the highlight of my trip. Experiencing the city under the leadership of the campers was an incredible growing opportunity for me, personally, and the campers as well. The activities and lectures were impactful as well. The one on one conversations I have had with some of the students were life giving and I look forward to keeping in touch with every single one of the campers."

SERVANT LEADERSHIP - This is the core value of the whole camp. At first I didn't agree with the concept of “servant leader ", as I believe leaders always have more important things to do than serve followers. But now I come the awareness to care for others and try my best to make a better future for my followers is necessary for a successful team.    I will try my best to be a good servant and also a good leader…"
Our group 5 was awesome. We communicate with each other, share with each other, do tasks together. We are more like a family than a group."
"At the beginning we were so strange to each other, and I was afraid.  But everyone of our group was sincere and friendly. During the process of camp, we built trust and great friendship. I appreciate them.  Our relationships become closer and closer.  We can share our secrets with group members with trust.  Our group leader cares for every member and makes everyone's power together, which leads no conflicts in our group."

“In my life of 19 years, I never thought that there could be an organization that could change my life in only 10 days.  And TWTS Sunshine International Camp made it!   I learned so many things that I could not learn during my daily life, my ordinary courses and things I never even realized before.   After 10 days’ learning, I become more and more courageous and self-confident; after 10 day’s activities, I realized how important and pivotal  cooperation is in our life; after 10 days communication, I realized that I have the ability and courage to talk to strangers and even foreigners who are very different in all kinds of aspects.   So I can say that TWTS Sunshine International Camp has the ability and qualification to change a person’s whole life in just several days.   Happiness and laughter filled our dormitory and life group.   Finally, he became my good friend too, and when leaving, we couldn’t control our emotions and cried….We cared for each other, helped each other, and so we treated each other like family members.  I learned what is true love, and how to become a true servant leader…  钟岩  西北工业大学 - Northwestern Polytechnic University.


2018 SIP Day Two Video Recap

2018 SIP Day Three Video Recap           

2018 SIP Day Four Video Recap

"Before this camp I don’t know how to encourage people.  If they said they cannot do the job then I will just let them go.  I was really appreciated by the mentors that I have met.  They use their love to teach me how I should love others."

Faces of the 2018 Sunshine Program