2019 Sunshine International Program (SIP) was conducted at a university location in Taicang City, near Shanghai China. Chinese students and international volunteers enjoyed a profitable time on the 11th floor! Leading universities sent a small groups of high-achieving students to represent their school at Sunshine International Program. 

Sunshine is conducted in English and builds upon the themes of TWTS courses—life purpose, emotional intelligence, servant leadership, excellence and integrity—with an increased emphasis on cross cultural relationships.

Enjoy the following short videos that tell the story of the 10 day event!


Sunshine Recap 1


Sunshine Recap 2


The Faces of Sunshine 2019


Sunshine City Hunt


SIC Recap 3


SIC 2019 Overview



Sunshine International Program (SIP)

SIP is organized to empower young people to become servant leaders of integrity. This 10-day program is closely linked to the curriculum of CEO Global’s interactive academic course, “The Way to Success” (TWTS), a highly rated course offered across more than 25 top universities in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Singapore, Canada and the United States. Through this program, participants will gain confidence, knowledge, and a broader awareness of what it takes to be a truly successful leader – a Servant Leader of Integrity – who confidently faces life’s challenges with strength and positive character.  

CEO Global invites more than 30 leading universities in Mainland China to select a small group of high achieving students to represent the school at the Sunshine International Program. Also present at the SIP are international students and volunteers, and Chinese students who have completed their Advanced Leadership Training by CEO Global.

SIP is conducted in English and builds upon the themes of the TWTS courses - life purpose, self-understanding, servant leadership, excellence and integrity, life management, career development - with an increased emphasis on cross-cultural and international relationships.  These intercultural elements are designed to equip Chinese students for success in an increasingly globalized world while also giving international students and volunteers opportunity for cultural exchange.

Our Sunshine International Program gives campers a unique and awesome opportunity to...
1)    Explore future career direction and education plans through discussion with experienced professionals.
2)    Develop indispensable leadership skills through effective Service Project management. Student led service projects affect their universities, their communities, and may expand future career opportunities.
3)    Improve capacity and capability for decision-making in this complex, uncertain and conflicting world.  Learn from top-notch international experts and successful leaders with servant hearts and character of integrity.
4)    Enhance intercultural understanding and communication skills through close interaction with international participants in an English-speaking environment
5)    Practice team building and experience fun cultural learning during the ‘city hunt’ that is part of SIP.  Deepen cultural and social understanding of the vibrant host city.

Topics covered during SIP include:

  • Ingredients of a Successful Life

  • Self-Understanding and Personality Assessment

  • Development of Teamwork

  • Servant Leadership

  • Cultural Intelligence and Global Mindset

  • Life Management

  • Integrity and Excellence

  • Career Development

  • Resilience: Failing Forward

  • Community Service Project Management

  • Chinese Arts and Culture Experience

For more information, contact info@ceoglobalusa.org


Sunshine International Program Role Descriptions:

Small group mentors (Grad school through Career / Retired age volunteers)
Peer mentors (Currently or recently in college)
Medical Professionals (any age)
Musicians, Performance arts, Dance and Up Front Personalities (any age)
Technical Roles: Sound production, Video Production, Photography, Administration (any age)
Tribe Leaders (over coach groups) Experienced Leaders
Note: This program is conducted entirely in English and Mandarin Chinese language skills are not required. 

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