Be a Pro-Mentor in the TWTS Program: Pro-mentors lead small discussion groups during afternoon-long leadership workshops. As a mentor, you have the unique opportunity to facilitate growth as you guide your students in processing and applying information and to their lives. We seek mentors who are passionate about student development and who have a professional or leadership background.  Get more TWTS Information - or - for more info about mentoring at TWTS email info@ceoglobalusa.org or click the button below.

Currently, we conduct TWTS programs at the University of Texas Dallas, and at the University of Arkansas. We are making plans for expansion!

You can participate in the Sunshine International Program

Volunteer at the TWTS Leadership Retreat: The Leadership Retreat is a part of the TWTS.  In certain TWTS programs the last four elements of the leadership and professional development programs occur over a long weekend in May, at a lakeside retreat near Tyler, Texas.  Pro-Mentors  fulfill much the same roles as they do during a workshop (see above), with the added benefit of growing with their students over a two and a half day period.  See the 2018 Leadership Retreat report here.


If you'd like to join any of our programs as a volunteer, we'd love to hear from you.